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We have concluded tests on EBA Command Center in Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 11. We can safely say EBA Command Center will continue to function like normal in Windows 11.


What is EBA Command Center?

EBA Command Center is a Windows Command-Based Shortcut application. Using EBA Command Center's text box, you can perform a number of features such as executing a file, opening a website, and running commands in Command Prompt.

Im using EBA Cmd 6.1 or below! How do I activate?

Use this activation code for versions 5 to 6.1: 379-EBA-30194-ET

Use this activation code for versions 3.4 to 4.2: 5828-9683-3504

Is EBA Command Center compatible with my device?

EBA Command Center is designed for Windows 10 (and now, Windows 11), but can be used for:

Im using an incompatible device! What can I do?

If you're using an old Windows OS (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME... etc.), you can upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 10 (depending on your hardware).

If you're using a different operating system, EBA Command Center cannot run on your OS. We recommend installing Windows 10 to use EBA Command Center.

I need help with EBA Command Center!

Don't worry! We have a support team ready to help you. At the bottom of this page, click "Contact Us" (or click here), and fill out the Google Form. Our team will be notified and will respond soon!

The contact form can be used to get help, report a bug, or send feedback.

Where is the official guide to EBA Command Center?

At the moment, you can click the "EBA Wiki" button at the bottom of the page. That is all we have at the moment.

We are currently working on improving documentation.

EBA Command Center will not start. What do I do?

1. Restart your PC

2. Use EBA StartFail mode the recover EBA Command Center. Try EBA Repair or Refresh.

3. Still need help? Contact Us!

Does EBA Command Center work in Windows 11?

Yes! We have performed multiple tests to ensure EBA Command Center will still work in the new Windows. We can safely say EBA Command Center will work in Windows 11.